"Once, there was a father. And because there was a father, there was also a daughter." Thus begins the story of The Great Brown Bear, a modern tale loosely adapted from the classic Scandinavian folktale 'East o' the Sun,West o' the Moon'. She, an earnest schoolteacher with an absentee father, meets He, a skeptical romantic unsure if He's ready for salvation. She, a Princess, promised adventure and safety, meets He, a brutish Bear with riches and the strength to uphold such a promise. What is it to transcend the past and reveal one's true self? In this surrealist retelling, two lovers quest to find each other. This story was inspired by and honors all of the important lovers in each of our lives. It explores the dichotomy of what it means to engage with an idea of a person; vs. the person themselves. We so easily convince ourselves that we know everything about those we love- we make promises about how we will behave, what we will feel, and what the future has in store. Truly? Truly, all we have is right now.

Enter our space. Sit with us on the floor (if you're so inclined) and be immersed in the very center of the fable- or, if you'd rather, find a seat on the edge and watch with a little distance. It's up to you. But however and wherever you are when you join us, we encourage you to open your hearts, your minds, and heck- open your hands. See what you might receive. Using movement, poetry, music and traditional acting, we will immerse you in a tale that lives in the liminal space between fairytale and familiar. Come join us in telling a story which belongs to everyone.